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Weekday, evening, and weekend appointments in beautiful, conveniently located, private setting.

~ Simple & Easy Marriage in Michigan ~

Short-notice appointments scheduled at convenient hours: weekday, evening, & weekend, and on short-notice.

Your appointment is exclusively for your marriage services, in a private, dignified environment and respectful style, without the activity of a courthouse or public location.

A specific time-frame is reserved for your marriage license legalization, via appointment. No waiting for an opening in the schedule/docket at the courthouse.

Private parking at the door on Plymouth Rd. east of US-23, west of M-14, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the Village of Dixboro.

Short-notice elopement package designed for couples who desire to be legally wed in a beautifully prepared, private setting with two legal witnesses (age 18 or older), only.

A total of four persons may be on-site: two people who will marry and two adults (18 or older) who will sign as legal witnesses. 

“2018 Short-notice Elopement”

get married cheap and easy in michigan

Marriages take place at this beautiful, oak fireplace, in the Parlor of a historic home.

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 Please review the information provided below to determine if services offered suit your needs.

A “short-notice elopement, marriage license legalization” is designed, and priced, for couples who desire an intimate and stress-free, marriage license legalization, which can take place within a short time-frame.

Couples sometimes have plans for a wedding in the future, but prefer to have their legal marriage take place sooner due to health insurance coverage, citizenship/fiance visa, real estate property purchases or religious considerations. Our service provided is a lovely, memorable, legal marriage.

Q – Do you have packages for more than 4 people in attendance?

A – No.  “2018 Short-notice Elopement ~ Michigan Marriage License Legalization & I Do!” as described above and detailed below, is the only offering at this time. A “wedding” with additional guests and traditional, religious, or custom marriage ceremony is not offered.

Couples arrive with their two legal (age 18 or older) witnesses on-site, only.  maximum of four people are on-site: the couple to be married and two adults, all of whom will sign the marriage license, along with our Officiant. The capacity is 4. No additional adults or children of any age may arrive.

Arriving with additional people on-site (and in vehicles) will forfeit your appointment and fee.

Q – What will take place during our elopement appointment?
1) Upon your arrival, you will present: a) your valid Michigan marriage license b) I.D. for each person who will sign the marriage license.
2) Prior to the signing of all copies of the marriage license a “Civil, legal marriage service” takes place, with question “Do you take”, answered by “I do”. Couples may desire to share a ring, “With this ring I thee wed”, however it is not required.
 3) After acknowledgment of your desire to be married, you are pronounced a legally married couple.
4) Last, your “Marriage License Solemnization” , the signing/legalization of all copies of your Michigan marriage license completes your legal marriage.
Services take place comfortably within an approx. 30 minute time-frame.
Q – Do we have custom ceremony and vows?
A – No, vows and ceremony are not part of the offering. A short-notice, civil marriage with a simple “I Do”, and marriage license legalization completes the service. Couples who are seeking our services do not want a traditional, religious or custom marriage ceremony and vows. Additional components that one may include when planning a “wedding” are not part of the elopement service. Services are provided as detailed, and are priced accordingly.

Q – How do we get our Michigan marriage license? Do you issue our marriage license?

A – No. In Michigan, a marriage license is issued at your County Clerk’s office. It is a simple process, for a small fee. Additional details and links to many County Clerk’s offices are on our website page titled “Marriage License”. You must arrive with a valid, Michigan marriage license for any portion of services to take place.

Q – When do we need to get our marriage license? Does it expire?

A – Yes. Your marriage license is issued with a specific expiration date noted  (30 days). Coordinate the timing of your appointment to be married with your marriage license application, and expiration date (shown at the top of your license). When you apply for your license it will be issued in 3 days, or you can request an expedited license and have it issued on the same day (for a small, additional fee).

Q – Do I need to find a location to be married?

A – No. At Elope Michigan, the beautiful, private, historic location, designed and created specifically for marriage services is included in your package fee, along with Officiant services. You will be welcomed into the beautifully decorated Traditional, Vintage Parlor (as shown in photos here on our website), with your marriage being the only focus.

Q – Do I need to make an appointment to be married at your location?

A – Yes. Providing a setting that is private (without the intrusion of drop-ins or in a public space) is how the personal and legal commitment couples make to one another is honored. Your marriage is approached in a dignified style by scheduling couples arrival and departure by appointment, creating a lovely, private location for couples to be married. When you are here to be married you will appreciate that level of privacy. Couples value the meaningfulness of the moment when they are pronounced a legally married couple. I wouldn’t expect you to have any less, and wouldn’t provide marriage services any other way.

Q – We just want a quick signing of our marriage license, nothing fancy … can you do that?

A – YesThat’s what takes place with our “short-notice elopement, marriage license legalization package”.

While your marriage is approached with joy and happiness (and spontaneity), the legalities must be properly attended to, as well. Even with a “quick and casual” marriage, your marriage license is a legal document that must be completed specifically as the court requests. The legalization of all copies (2 or 3 depending on your Michigan county) of your marriage license must be properly completed and signed by five people: the couple to be married, Michigan Marriage Officiant and two legal witnesses age 18 or older, with proper I.D. in order to be returned to, accepted by, and filed with, the court  … the final step to your legal marriage.

A legal marriage affects many aspects of a couple’s life, over and above a commitment to each other; health/life insurance, citizenship, parental rights and property rights/ownership to name just a few. Your legal marriage and the proper execution and processing of your license (a legal document) is not to be taken lightly, and certainly not to be left to someone whose whereabouts or credibility is uncertain.

Q – How far in advance do we schedule a short-notice elopement?

A – The typical time-frame that an appointment is scheduled is a day or two, a few weeks or month in advance. I do not claim to provide “same day service”, or suggest that you wait until the day you want to be married to request services. You are welcome to contact me regarding availability for “same-day-service”, however my schedule may not have an opening at last minute.  Give us a call and we’ll be happy to coordinate a date and time on short-notice.

Q – Another person said we can meet them anywhere, bring a “cash donation” and they will sign our license. One person even offers their services for “free” …

When you are ready to be married, and have taken the time to apply for and receive your marriage license (legal documents that must returned to the court for filing), you want to plan for a date, time and location to be married that is conducive to the proper legalization of your marriage license. With services offered for a “cash donation” or “free”, at coffee shops, bars and other “offices”  – simply put, you get what you pay (or don’t pay) for. Why would someone offer you a professional service for “free”? How much do they expect you will “tip” them? Why would a fee be called a “cash donation”? What if they don’t show up?

When you reserve an appointment you secure your reservation online with credit, debit or PayPal and immediately receive a receipt. When you make a plan to meet in a public location and bring cash/”donation”, or meet at an office for “free” services, you do not have an agreement. Your Officiant does not have a contractual obligation to you, or any obligation to arrive. I offer a reliable and professional service, and value and respect your time. Couples who have made a plan and prepared to be married on a specific date and time want a dependable and professional Officiant in a setting that is respectful of their marriage.

Elope Michigan is a long-term, business, offering professional services. As of December 2017, over 4800 marriages, have been performed at our location.

Q – Can our children be our witnesses?

A – Yes, if they are 18 or older. A legal witnesses can be related, however they must be of legal age as required by the court, with proper identification (passport, drivers license, state ID).

Q – My witness doesn’t have I.D. Can they still sign my marriage license as a legal witness?

A – No. Witnesses are required to be age 18 or older and provide I.D. with a photo and signature. A driver license, state issued I.D. (from Michigan or another state) or passport is sufficient. Choose witnesses who have proper ID, and confirm that they bring their ID to your appointment in order for your services to proceed as planned. Otherwise, reserve your appointment with our witnesses provided.

Q – Can I reserve a date and time, but get a refund or reschedule if the date/time doesn’t suit my fiance or witnesses?

A – No. Prior to reserving a date and time on our calendar, confirm that schedules are open for all persons to arrive. When accepting payment the location and Officiant, are secured for the date and time reserved. As a very affordable, short-notice service (30 days or less), we absolutely do not offer reschedules or refunds.

Q – Can we arrive early and wait at your location until our scheduled appointment time?

A – No. When you schedule your reservation, an “arrival time” is confirmed. With respect to the privacy of other couples being married before and after you, the parking area and setting is not available to you before or after your reserved time-frame. If you arrive early there are several lovely opportunities for you to enjoy your time right here at the town square of our quaint village, 3 doors (1-2 minutes) west of our building. Have a cup of coffee, tea or light meal at “MoonWinks Cafe”, next door to “Button’s Antique Shop” (which has been in business for many decades), take photos on the town square, which is the playground of the one-room school house that still stands as a reminder of our historic “Village of Dixboro”, or cross the walk to “The Dixboro General Store” where you can find anything from old-fashioned candy, candles, seasonal decor, teddy bears to high-quality home furnishings. All this, and more, is just 3 doors/1-2 minutes west of the building. If you have the time and desire, you may want to visit the UM Botanical Gardens that is located around the corner, just minutes from our location (see “UM, Mathieu Botanical Gardens”).

Q – I see photos of couples dressed in casual and formal clothing. Do you have a changing room for dressing? 

A – No. Couples arrive together, completely prepared and dressed for their services to begin (with marriage license packet from county clerk, and ID for everyone). Short-notice elopements are not a wedding; they are not priced, or timed, to provide the accommodations that one may expect when planning and arranging a wedding, such as a bridal suite for dressing/hair/make-up/seclusion. Arrive here as you wish to be married, as services will begin upon your arrival. A change of clothing prior to your departure is not an option.

Q – Do you provide photography?

A -No. The couples whose photos you see on our website brought a camera (in most cases their phone camera). Our Officiant or their witnesses took a keepsake photo. We do not share photos of couples on our website unless couples provide them for sharing.

Q – Is Teacup Wedding in the Vintage Chapel accepting bookings?

A – No. Only “short-notice elopement and marriage license legalization” services in the “Traditional, Vintage Parlor” (as shown in photos here on our website) are available.

Do the services suit your needs?

If so, please call to coordinate a date & time!

If not, please note with all due respect …

I do not negotiate changes in any portion of the offering.

It’s very simple to schedule a reservation to be married:

  1. determine the dates/timeframe that you and you fiance prefer
  2. call to coordinate a specific date & time
  3. be prepared to secure your appointment with payment in full of $200., credit/debit or paypal card, via our website while speaking with me by phone


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