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 √ Get marriage license at the County Clerk’s office

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Get married in Michigan without witnesses

A few of the many reasons that couples prefer a private marriage:

• The couple prefers to share the intimate moment of their legal marriage with each other, sharing the news with family & friends at a later date.

• A wedding will be taking place at a later date but, for insurance, citizenship/fiance visa or religious considerations, a private legal marriage is desired at an earlier date … “private” to avoid diminishing the festivities of the future wedding and celebration.

• Some of the people that you feel close to and desire to be in attendance cannot be present, therefore including anyone, results in excluding others.

 • The dynamics of family and/or friends in attendance is not preferred.

• A couple is planning a “destination” wedding and is aware that having a marriage legally solemnized in another state or country means that your marriage license – important legal documents that entitle a married couple to many legal benefits – are not easily accessed.

• Couples prefer to have their marriage license issued, filed and accessible here in Michigan, at their local County Clerk’s office.

• The couple prefers that  family and/or friends do not sign as legal witnesses, allowing their personal information, as documented on their marriage license, to remain “personal”; such as: age, number of previous marriages, country of birth of couple and/or parents, parents identity recorded/not recorded, etc.

As many couples have noted, traveling to a state where witnesses are not required means that:

1) you must arrive at the appropriate court during weekday, business hours with required documents to obtain a marriage license.

2) a discrepancy in documents can result in not receiving a marriage license and getting married (examples shared with us: “hospital” birth certificate rather than “state” issued birth certificate, middle initial on some ID but not others, appropriate/acceptable seal on a birth certificate, requirement for divorce decrees if previously married).

3) you incur additional expense of time and travel

4) you’re relying on the Officiant to be properly authorized to perform marriages that are recognized in Michigan

5) you’re extending full faith that the Officiant will properly file your marriage license with the court in the jurisdiction in which you were married

… and again, because it bears repeating – having a marriage legally solemnized in another location means that your marriage license – important legal documents that entitle a married couple to a variety of legal benefits – are not easily accessed, as they will be when they are issued and filed here at a Michigan County Clerk’s office.

are witnesses neede to get married in Michigan

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Do not make payment for an appointment unless we are speaking by phone and have confirmed that date, time and witnesses are available.

Reservation Agreement with witnesses provided:

I understand that my payment is an agreement to the services as described on the “Services & Fees” page:
I will arrive with my fiance only, for the legalization of my Michigan marriage license.
I am requesting that two legal witnesses be provided, and I understand that a change cannot be made at a later date to bring my own witnesses.
I understand and agree that no additional adults or children/infants of any age may arrive on-site, which includes waiting in vehicles, as the capacity is 4 persons onsite. The couple to be married and 2 witnesses – which are being provided and are included in the capacity.
Upon your arrival I will present a valid, Michigan marriage license, I.D. for both people to be married to proceed with my marriage services.
I am aware that arriving late,  or with additional people/children/infants, without Marriage License will forfeit fee/service, with no refund or reschedule.

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