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    Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

    The service that we offer fills a niche that has allowed many couples to be married in the simple and elegant style that they desire. Convenient weekday, evening and weekend hours to be legally married, in a lovely setting at a very affordable price, have made for a very popular offering. We feel very fortunate to be available to provide our elopement service. It has been a pleasure to meet couples and their family and friends at a time in their life that is truly joy filled!

    We happily provide a beautiful, memorable and meaningful civil marriage ceremony and professional marriage license legalization, with the elegance and honor that is respectfully due couples. Our elopement style is the perfect alternative for couples who do not prefer to be married at the courthouse, married by the Justice of the Peace, or have a traditional wedding. This by no means diminishes the beauty and richness of the experience that we offer. It is a wonderful, alternative style, in a beautiful historic setting!

    Every couple has different desires, which is why we address all aspects of our service upfront. All information within our site describes the service that we provide. We have designed, and priced, our services for couples who desire to be married in the style as offered. We are fully invested in providing a wonderful, yet uncomplicated, experience.

    In regards to the details of our services offered: We’ve been told by couples that our details and prices provided upfront, and our clearly defined service, gave them the opportunity to easily and comfortably make their plan. Our desire to provide readily accessible information, giving clarity and honesty to a service that can oftentimes become confusing and costly with “add-on” expenses, has been met with appreciation. We have fine-tuned our offering to what has been overwhelmingly requested by couples over many years. Our beautiful, stress-free service is provided just as described and priced. We couldn’t be happier about our elopement services offered to couples!

    “Marriage License Legalization and Ceremony” with 2 guests, as witnesses in attendance:

    We offer a lovely, professional experience. Upon your arrival you will enter our beautifully decorated setting of the Parlor or Garden Arbor to soft, classic music. Couples and witnesses arrive at the reserved time. Ceremony commences upon your arrival and entry. Couples who reserve this package desire to be married with their two legal witnesses in attendance, only. All parties, Bride, Groom and both witnesses, must be present to begin the ceremony and legalization (signing) of the marriage license. Plan to arrive with your witnesses. Delays in the arrival of one or both witnesses has resulted in the inability to proceed with a marriage. Civil ceremony, exchange of vows and rings (if desired), and legalization of all copies of your marriage license (2 or 3 depending on the county) begins upon reserved arrival time, and takes place within a 30 minute time-frame.

    This package was designed to couples who prefer to arrive casually dressed (as opposed to formal “wedding” attire), with only their two legal witnesses in attendance. Please note that if you desire additional guests (children/infants of any age, or additional adults) or extended time-frame, you’ll want to reserve our very affordable ceremony package detailed below. Couples who are planning a destination wedding, but want their marriage documents to be here in Michigan, and couples who are having a wedding at a later date, but require legal marriage sooner due to citizenship or insurance coverage often times choose this package.

    “Marriage License Legalization and Ceremony”, with 2 – 8 additional guests in attendance:

    We offer a lovely, relaxed and elegant experience. Upon your arrival you will enter our beautifully decorated setting of the Parlor or Garden Arbor to soft, classic music. Couples and guests all arrive at the reserved time. Your marriage ceremony commences within approx. 15 minutes after your arrival and entry.

    With the Bride, Groom and Officiant standing at the fireplace in the Parlor, or trellis in the Garden Arbor, our Officiant welcomes your guests, beautifully and elegantly performs your marriage ceremony, which includes the exchange of vows and rings (if desired), pronounces you “married” and introduces you to your guests as a married couple. The marriage ceremony, is approx. 15 – 20 minute in length. Solemnization of all copies of the marriage license commences immediately following your ceremony, and may take approx. 15 minutes. Total reserved time-frame for ”Marriage License Legalization and Ceremony, with 2 – 8 guests” is 1 hour, from arrival – departure, as outlined above.

    Keep in mind that your marriage ceremony and solemnization of your marriage license takes place in our setting. The time-frame that is described is an appropriate amount of time for both to take place at a relaxed pace. Time for gathering of your group, socializing or extended photography is not included here at our elopement ceremony venue. Couples and their guests typically depart from their ceremony here, and drive directly to one of the wonderful restaurants in the area for a celebratory meal, to socialize and perhaps take additional photos of their party.

    Our intimate, well-planned civil marriage ceremony proceeds without a processional of the Bride and attendants or attendants “standing up”,  and without a rehearsal. Our Officiant’s elegant and meaningful marriage ceremony includes question-style vows within the ceremony. Preview and/or memorization is unnecessary. She offers a beautiful, civil (as in non-religious) marriage ceremony. The cost for our packages does not include a custom written ceremony for each couple. Our Michigan Marriage Officiant, provides exceptional, professional services, and performs all services at this venue.

    To elope in a beautiful setting with a lovely civil ceremony is what couples have requested. An alternative to the traditions, rituals and cost of a wedding, is what couples who are married here are seeking. They do not desire a bridal suite, dressing room, seclusion room, or an entry by the Bride down an aisle to be “given away” to the groom, a processional of attendants, attendants and/or witnesses “standing up” during the ceremony, customized ceremony/vows, unity candle, sand or flower ceremony, specific music played or performance by musicians. Everyone arrives fully dressed and prepared for their beautiful and elegant elopement ceremony. If a couple desires any of the aforementioned, we encourage them to hire a wedding planner and reserve a wedding venue, as this is not the service that we offer. Consider your preferences prior to making your reservation, as requests for changes/additions to our detailed offering above will not take place. Our pricing, services, capacity and time-frame are offered as a beautiful and affordable package that is non-negotiable.

    “Visit & Meet”: A visit to our ceremony setting and meeting with our Officiant is not required. Most couples are married on short-notice and do not desire to reserve time to meet with our Officiant and visit the setting. We have not included time for our Officiant and our setting to be available for couples to visit in our very affordable package price. If a couple desires a visit (and our schedule allows) we will reserve the ceremony setting, and schedule our Officiant to arrive and open to meet exclusively with the Bride and Groom.

    A “Visit & Meet” is scheduled around the reservations of couples getting married. The fee to reserve our ceremony setting and Officiant to meet is $75., which reflects the value of the time that is reserved on the calender of our Officiant and venue. It is not deducted from a package price, as it is a completely separate service.

    With all due respect, to “drop-by and take a look around” is intrusive to our preparations for couples who’ve reserved time to be married, and their marriage ceremonies. The “Private Property” sign at our drive/entrance, makes it clear that we do not allow persons to randomly enter the property and building. We are not open to the public without a secured reservation, which is best suited for everyone’s privacy and security.

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